Feminine Abstract Art with Strength and Love

I am a writer and abstract artist. I was born in Poland and moved to the UK 2006. I loved living in London and really appreciate the space this city gives to creative souls. This was the place where I started believing in myself and my creative powers. Creativity has always been a big part of me and one day, I decided to use it beyond my corporate career and respond to the calling inside me. I have self-published two books and paint abstract art.

I am a feminist at heart, and I also want to express this through my art and books. This is why my second book – The Sacred Mountains, was dedicated to the female intuition and the power of responding to the calling, or how I expressed it in my book – to your mountain.

My Art & creative powers

I trust our feminine powers are waking up in present times. Both my recent book and my art express these views. I write for women, I paint for women and for the world to immerse itself in the feminine side of the world. I trust when we balance the masculine world with the feminine side, the world will come to a place of peace and happiness. A world of balance.

Through my creative life, I wanted to make space for more women in art, more women in books and more women in the heroine role, more women with their powers and wisdom. The Sacred Mountains book I wanted to also bring the picture of wisdom that resides with our female intuition. The book also describes the journey of following your calling of a creative soul.

Centuries ago, this wisdom sounded so terrible to some that it had to be burned at the stake. For those who came up with the idea of putting witches on trial and sending them to the stake, earthly female wisdom was ringing in their ears so loudly that suddenly it had to be muffled, burned to soft ashes. On the other hand, consider how great this wisdom must have been that they came up with the idea that only fire could destroy it, or so they thought at the time. But to my surprise, after centuries and centuries of taming knowledge and our feminine instincts, it seems that they somehow failed. The witches are waking up from the ashes. Feminine wisdom, intuition, and warmth is regaining its powers and the place in the world where it belongs to.

My art and my recent book express the above. My art is focused on bringing the feminine side to your home, your interiors, and your space. Both men and women need it more. The world needs it more. I hope my art will serve the world to bring more good energy into its space.

With love,


More about me and my books: www.kinga.blog

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