Some time ago, I became fascinated by the idea of mountains symbolizing our quest to reach our goals and fulfil our dreams. Life is like an ever-changing journey with both high points and low points. As we navigate this path, we stumble, face challenges, and gain valuable lessons from these experiences, propelling us toward new highs or lows. 

Life's fundamental purpose is to keep moving forward; we can't stop its relentless march. Time acts like an unwavering treadmill, pushing us ahead regardless of our desire to pause in a moment. It may seem unkind, but in moments of difficulty and despair, especially in life's low points, time becomes a supportive force, lifting us up even when we wish to stay put. This concept became the basis for my second book, "The Sacred Mountains," where I explore mountains as a representation of a young girl's dream to find a new home.   

We all have our unique journeys. Some of us clearly see our goals, while others catch only distant glimpses. Some believe in other worlds beyond their origins, while others find contentment where they were born. However, in a remote village, a courageous girl embarks on a journey to discover her true identity. Her story is about uncovering where we truly belong and pursuing a distant dream. Her journey is solitary and demanding, much like the journeys we all take at some point. But each day brings new opportunities, and the unrelenting passage of time persists. 

After storms, we see that the distant mountain remains on the horizon. The treadmill of time helps us dry our tears and glimpse the mountain again, albeit through mist. Gradually, we regain our strength and determination, ready to continue our journey.  

Viewing life through the lens of peaks and valleys offers hope—a belief that better days will come, and the distant mountain will remain visible, untouched by the storms of life. So, I invite you to put on your own metaphorical mountain shoes and embark on your unique journey, whether it's your life's adventure or, like the protagonist in "The Sacred Mountains," a dream calling you home. As a dreamer myself, I understand that our souls long for us to pursue our aspirations, finding solace in the pursuit of our dreams.   

I hope that, by exploring the symbolism of mountains, you'll find the valleys more manageable. I encourage you to join my heroine's journey, one filled with the courage to chase her dreams. Perhaps, within her journey, you'll find echoes of your own aspirations.   

Why should you hang mountain-inspired artwork on your walls?   

Because it serves as a daily reminder of your journey, your resilience, and your unyielding pursuit of dreams. Let this art inspire you to conquer life's challenges, ascend to new heights, and elevate both your space and spirit. 

I belive you can also find your powers to climb your mountainn and achieve your dream.

Take the first step today.  


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